Putting It Together – Organization

I wanted to spend a few lines waxing philosophical about organization of a classroom.  Thank you for stopping by to take a look!

1.  I am going to work on implementing cooperative learning groups in my classes, so I will need to have my room in groups of four.  I already have the table signs for us to use and bought little plastic boxes at Walmart to hold communal supplies like pens, pencils, glue sticks, and scissors.

2.  My desk is placed in the back corner of my classroom so that I can monitor while journaling with my students.  I also grade papers, write lesson plans, and hold individual conferences here.

3.  My workstation/computer desk is at the front of the room by default design, but I’ve seen other teachers have it in a different location.  I recommend your monitor is turned away from student viewing to prevent possible embarrassment/unexpected disclosure of sensitive information.  Another thing is to keep the projected image frozen on something safe if you MUST enter disciplinary infractions into the online system.  (We use OnCourse in our district.)

4.  Crates are meant to hold student journals or portfolios.  I plan to have a hanging folder for each student and a separate set of crates for their journals.  My organization is a continual work in progress because someone out there always has a great idea that could work once you adjust it to your own personal style.

5.  Bookshelves are for professional resources and binders I use for my novel units.  I am the reigning “Binder Queen” on my hallway.  Other bookshelves contain student-friendly reading material for down time after work is completed.

6.  Extra supplies are stowed away out of sight so that sticky fingers don’t absorb something I need for my students. I am strongly considering a table skirt to help with storage.

7.  Window treatments/wall decorations – brighten up the room and make it feel like home.

Keep your own style because you are the one and only you.  No one is just like you.  Use ideas, but be an original.  In a few weeks, I’ll post pictures of my classroom for you to see.  More anon.  ¡Ciao!


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