First Week Blues or Ach!

I normally have a great first week with my students, and so far they are fine.  I am wondering about their teacher.  Sunday afternoon found me writing names on cards for the seating charts.  For some reason, I didn’t get my charts done until Saturday evening. Ach! I  had to makes copies of my syllabus for my preps.  Didn’t I send that in to the Copy Center? Ach! On Monday, I arrive in time to get to my classroom, turn on my computer, and report to my duty station to help with the schedule distribution.  Instead, as I get out of the truck, my coffee cup spilled all over my white suit I planned to wear.  I had to go home and change clothes.  I am thankful I live nearby, so that turned out well. One of my colleagues saw me and let the front office staff know of my java mishap.  I took some good-natured ribbing about my coffee.  When my wonderful principal popped by to check if I needed anything, I jokingly said, “Coffee!”  Not thirty minutes later did he return with a cup of Starbucks, milk, and sugar.  I was overwhelmed.  My first period class rejoiced because I’d warned them not to make eye contact with me if I had no coffee in my system during our orientation session ten days prior. I made it home in time to cook dinner for my husband and son. I picked my son up from marching band practice in the early evening, and we ate dinner as a family.

Tuesday found me still working two hours after my students’ dismissal.  I slept in on Tuesday morning since I didn’t sleep well on Sunday night due to excitement about the first day.  I prepared the academic vocabulary signage, filled out name tags for workbooks, typed my agenda, made copies for my partner and I, and who knows what else?  Since I had duty after school, I was a little delayed.  Things ended well since I read my students’ paragraphs about the importance of reading and writing. My son had a late night after marching band practice.  I picked up In-N-Out Burger for dinner after running to Staples’ (That was NOT easy!) for some last minute supplies.  There were a large number of parents and students queued up to purchase supplies. We had to get the notebooks set up with dividers, notebook paper, etc. He is all set for Wednesday!  As I type this, I know that I am all set for today, too.  ¡Ciao!


One thought on “First Week Blues or Ach!

  1. Stacey Stanislav says:

    You are one of the best, most dedicated teachers I know. Killer B and I were talking about your wonderful sense of humor and how helpful you have been to him this week. Keep up the great work and I promise, I will have him make you brownies!

    Btw…I saw an interesting article on google-proofing your assignments….you should google it. 😉 Good ideas.

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