Listen to Your Body!

Please do as I say and not as I do.  I made the mistake of pushing myself this week when I knew I wasn’t one hundred percent. I had a NASTY migraine and took my medication on Thursday night then proceeded to chaperone my son’s high school band schlepping water up and down stairs, carrying a box of plumes for the halftime show, and walking hither and yon.  My back rebelled like it never has before, and it was hard for me to catch my breath.  I went home that night and went to bed figuring that Friday would be better.   Ha ha! The day started well, and I dropped by the clinic to visit with our fabulous nurse to let her know I’d felt odd the night before but felt I would be all right. Right at the end of my second double-block class, I began to feel badly, and during my last double-block class of the day, I could barely breathe in because the muscles in my back constricted so much that I couldn’t catch my breath.  Yergh!  Thank goodness, I had already asked my wonderful teaching partner to teach the class while I ran crowd control.  The assistant principal’s secretary came in to cover my class as they finished their quizzes, and I staggered to the clinic and laid down.  Less than ten minutes found my husband at my school with me sobbing in his arms like a baby.  When I hurt, I really hurt, and you can tell I don’t fake my pain.  I came home and went to bed with a heating pad on my back.

Today dawned brightly even with the cloud cover and light rain.  I feel much better than yesterday and took some meds to help manage the back pain issues.  I’ll have to sign off soon so I don’t mess up and overdo again.  The moral of this story is to listen to your body.  When you are tired, take a nap.  When you feel sick, go home as soon as possible.  When you have a problem, let someone know who can take care of you or do something about it.  I am truly blessed to have Earth angels who smooth my path and make life so much richer.  I am indebted to these people and pray for the LORD to bless them as they have blessed me.  Signing off for now.  ¡Ciao!


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