My Expectations

When my students enter my classroom, my expectation is that they sit down in their seats, copy their agenda from the front board, begin the initial assignment, and await further instruction.

I expect them to wait in a line to enter my classroom.  When they enter, it should be in a respectful manner; there is no running, pushing, etc. as you come in.

I expect them to raise their hands to speak in class.  I don’t wear a dog collar.

I expect them to say, “Yes, ma’am.” or “No, ma’am.” I extend this same courtesy to them when I address my students’ questions.

I expect them to tell me the truth even if it’s bad. I have even said, “If you tell the truth all of the time, you usually don’t have to remember what you said.”

I expect to use all of the class time I’m given to cover the day’s lesson.  If I don’t get my time, then you will have more homework simply because you keep talking during transitions.

I expect transitions from one activity to the next to be done quietly except for the sound of papers being snapped into binders.

I expect to finish my sentences when I am explaining something new.  Please give me a chance to go over the whole concept before you fold your arms, roll your eyes, and quip, “I don’t get it.”

I expect to answer actual questions and not statements. “I don’t get it.” is a statement.  When you have a question, ask it.

I expect to give directions/instructions/information one time because I want you to be better listeners.

I expect that you don’t need a personal invitation to get working.  “Jimmy Badboy, you need to start your assignment.” This being said after Jimmy sits there for a few minutes while everyone else is working.

I expect you to be on time.  I am on time when I begin class; please follow my example.

I know this doesn’t cover everything, and I will revisit with more expectations as I go along my blog journey.  Please note that Jimmy Badboy is a fictional student who I use as a sterling example of what not to do in my class.  His girlfriend’s name is Jilly Badgirl for those wondering.  She will appear in future installments as well.  Thank you for taking a few moments to stop by my little blog.


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