Technology – Great Tool and Terrible Master

I’ve just signed up for Remind 101, a service that allows me to text parents and/or students about homework assignments that are up and coming.  I’ll be attaching the directions to an email I send home tomorrow during the day so that my students’ parents will be in the loop.  I set up an email group for each of my classes so that I can email parents about assignments, tests, projects, etc.  They relish the information because at times their students are laconic at best.  It is also a valued good mark on my annual appraisal because I keep up communication with parents.  It is one of my strengths.

I love my smartphone and the free apps I find. There are too many to shake a stick at, so to speak.  I just have to make sure that I’m not staring at the unblinking eye of a phone screen to the point that I miss conversations with my family.  At times, I rue the day I connected my work email to my smartphone.  Other days, life and its circumstances necessitate the ability to shoot off a quick email response.  You just have to keep it balanced.

As you can probably tell, I’m not constantly blogging every day right now.  There are times when it will be necessary to write, yet there are other times when silence is golden, especially as I near the end of a marking period and am grading like mad.  I am keeping it short and sweet. ¡Ciao!

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