Thanksgiving Week – 2012

The week of November 19 would normally find me and my guys traveling to visit my husband’s parents, but this year, we are staying home.  I need to just rest, clean house, and read thick novels.  I haven’t put out any autumn decorations, and Thanksgiving is nearly upon me.  I have some Thanksgiving cards I can mail to send greetings to family and friends who are far away.  I will do that.  My cohorts and I have made a pact to do no grading over the break.  I find I resent my restorative time being eaten away by checking essays for grammar, focus, and organization.  I want to drink coffee and read the newspaper with my teenaged son.  I want to hold hands with my husband and fall asleep next to him in our joint recliners as we watch Sunday afternoon football.  I want to go to dinner and laugh like a maniac with my best friends and not worry about what needs to be done.  I want to live my other life for a little bit—the one where I am not Mrs. J.

Last Saturday, I spent all day working at my son’s marching band festival his band hosted.  I had been a band chaperone the night before for the football game.  I told him that I would NOT be chaperoning their community parade jaunt that is scheduled for today.  He understood.  My husband and I will pick him up from school once they have returned and then go from there. The first item on the agenda is to drop off that uniform at the cleaners just down the street from the school.  We plan to spend time with my parents today.  It will be the first time in over a month due to marching season which began in late September.  Even the Energizer Bunny needs a little break.  I know I do!

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