There is No “S” on My Chest

The last time I checked, I didn’t have a big red “S” emblazoned on my shirt.  I don’t wear blue tights with a red cape.  I am not allergic to kryptonite, and I certainly don’t fly.  My students sometimes think I have come from another planet, but I am not Supergirl or Superwoman.  I work with some incredibly talented ladies and gentleman on my staff.  There are hundreds of years of experience just outside my door or reachable by email.  My staff is a family, and my grade level team are my sisters.  We plan out our lessons and take turns writing them up, making copies, or whatever.

I have been an island and had to create my own sand, sunshine, and sea.  No thank you to that any more.  It is okay to let someone else do something for you.  It really, really is.  People are willing to help if you give them the list of tasks to do.  My strength and weakness is that I  keep my own counsel.  I know what should be done, but I don’t always say it out loud.  At times, I don’t want to step on someone’s toes. Other times, I figure I can make time to get it done properly.  Earth-bound again!  Every time I leap into the air to fly, gravity snatches me back to the land of reality with a nice, hard thud as I land on my rear end.  There is some wisdom in the statement “many hands divide the work.”  Let someone else help you!!!  Now if I could just get John Williams’ “Superman Theme Song” out of my head, I’d be fine.

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