Last Monday of the First Semester

We received devastating news today for one of my former students.  No, no involvement in the recent madness in Newtown, CT.  When I heard, I broke down sobbing in front of my kids and had to step into the hallway to get control.  It took some time because of the grief and pain weighing on me.  Earlier in class, I had gathered my kids in a circle and prayed for them.  They didn’t have to pray with me, but I prayed for them thanking the LORD for them.  It just needed to be done.  I managed to get it together and make some copies during my conference period and the rest of the day.  I had a rare parent-teacher-student conference outside of school hours this afternoon.  It went well.

Now, I have the privilege of working on gifts for my team for Christmas.  I basically did nothing yesterday after lunch but sleep and hang out in my room.  I look forward to the time spent in my kitchen.  It pays to have some comfortable sleep jammies and warm socks to wear to keep my feet toasty.  It’s all good.  I also get to be Mama the tutor for my son studying his Spanish I for a quiz on Wednesday.  I figure the more exposure to the vocabulary, the better it will be.  I am ready to be at home on my own schedule with no particular place to go.  It will be lovely.  ¡Ciao!


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