I just learned about NearPod, a tool that allows me to use iPads for interactive learning with my kids.  I will have to play with it and create some lessons.  I also visited a blog site written by a technology guru teacher.  It’s cool to hear about new tools.  It is even better when you have the time, energy, and brain power to do so.  Awakening at 3;30 A.M. the past two nights has not been helpful.  At that time, I use the technology of well-designed furniture and get into my recliner.  I then use old world technology of reading a book.  It helps me drift back to sleep so that my new-world smartphone can awaken me with an alarm that would wake the dead.  I know there are tons of apps, blogs, wikis, etc.  I just have to find a couple that work for me and go from there.  C’est la vie!


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