Night Owl vs. Morning Lark Civil War

I am officially on the night-owl patterns of my former days when I could stay up past midnight, sleep in until sometime after eight o’clock, and get up and do it again the next day.  The irony is that my morning lark tendencies haven’t departed, so that is why I am up and on the Web before 8:00 A.M. without coffee.  My brain awakened me saying, “It’s time to go exercise.  You know you love this.”  My body resents the early intrusion to a nice restful sleep in a dark room with no lights.  I will grab a nap later this morning or in the early afternoon.  Who knows at this point? We have a couple of errands to run, and I will most likely treat the guys to Starbucks or QuikTrip for a frozen drink.  Even if it’s 41 degrees, I would still drink a cold freezoni.  They just taste good.  Anyway, I like this lack of schedule and hustle and plan to savor and stretch it out as much as possible.

I haven’t forgotten my students’ names or educational needs.  I have simply remembered how to be a daughter, wife, and mother over the break.  I didn’t get to see my best friends but spent some time with some good friends on Christmas Eve.  That was sufficient for me.  I keep up with my friends even though we don’t see one another all of the time.  I’ll check in with them today and see how their New Year’s Day went.


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