I am a rule follower, and I expect my students to do the same whether they are in my classroom, in the hallway, or wherever in the building and on school property.  I don’t expect them to be perfect, but I expect their behavior to meet my expectations.  When I correct a student, it can be his or her perception that I am “mean” or “don’t like him/her.”  That isn’t true.  I separate the person from the performance and tell them so.  Some students hold a grudge against me because I correct them one or two times, and then the jig is up.  I still don’t know how to change anyone’s mind about me, so I don’t try to change their minds.  I show them respect and courtesy despite their perceptions.  I also realize that not every student who crosses my threshold will love much less like me.  We are all individuals with individual personalities.  I have worked with people I didn’t respect, but I didn’t tell them I didn’t respect them.  I treated them with courtesy and appreciated the positive parts of our relationship.  You can always learn something from someone even if you don’t worship the ground they walk on.  I respect my students’ individuality because I am the adult and grown up.  Some of them learn about different personalities the easy way and go along with the flow; others have given themselves a hard row to hoe.  That is a shame.  Life is too short to hold on grudges and make yourself miserable.  Way too short! I plan to live to be 120, and that won’t be long enough for me.  ¡Ciao!


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