A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I was updating my list of students who’ve been in my class, and it’s kind of overwhelming.  I would love to find every single name of every single student I’ve had in class, but I don’t believe I have that information in a database.  I’ve got over 700 names that I know of; however, I know that the number is much higher.  I wish I’d thought of this sooner.  I find myself remembering names and adding them on the list, so the number keeps growing.  I’ve included some non-students in the listing, too.  They are students who made me love them with our interactions in the hallways at school even though I was never a teacher of record for them.  I have been truly blessed in my teaching career!!!  (Note, this is not my cat, but I like the picture as it reminds me of me!)  More anon.


Zoe, a domestic shorthair cat, touches the mouse of a computer during a media preview for The Cat Fanciers' Association 5th Annual CFA-Iams Cat Championship in New York


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