Changing Things A Bit

I’ve finally been allowed to join Pinterest* and found myriad ideas for teaching, organizing, and living.  The amount of information and suggestions can boggle the mind, but I limit my time for my own sanity.  I found a great idea that a colleague used about letting the kids know their role upon entering the classroom.  I will be decorating the outside of my door with some of the following phrases.

In this classroom, we are:

  • readers
  • grammarians
  • writers
  • thinkers
  • creative
  • team members
  • editors
  • resivers
  • spellers
  • dreamers
  • storytellers
  • poets
  • family [this word will be the last because it is the most important one to me]

I will post a picture once it is done.  I even created a dead word wall complete with the necessary tombstone clip art and used Microsoft Word’s chiller font to drive home the point.  They will receive the accompanying handouts either tomorrow or early next week.  I want to prepare them for seventh grade as much as possible.

*For over a year, my mother forbade me from joining Pinterest due to my slightly obsessive nature.  I’ve been a good girl, so she is happy.


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