Planning Ahead

We are scheduled to work on the day after the last day of school.  We’ve been permitted to wear shorts since a number of us haul out trash, deep clean, and move items or rooms. I’ve started my list of items to complete.  They mostly involve preparation for the coming school year.

1.  Word Wall words for novels we study in the fall. I plan to have them all typed, matted, and laminated.

2.  Miniature refrigerator taken home for the summer.  My son LOVES the mini-fridge in the den at home.  He will keep bottled water handy so that he and his father don’t have to leave the gaming area for hydration.

3.  Repair or replacement of border on the collapsable wall I share with my team mate.  Some of the pieces are torn and patched.  I want to spend time getting them fixed.

4.  Preparation of desk signage for the fall semester.  We use Kagan, and I need to remove the current signage, clean the desk tops, and type, matte, and laminate the newly minted signs.

5.  Pantry tidying.  I keep one of my cabinets as a pantry stocked with paper plates, plastic ware, drinking cups, and napkins for our team.  I need to root through the cabinet (while on a chair to see better) when I have time and the inclination to get dirty.

6.  Locker bag preparation.  We put in a sandwich-sized baggie that contains a pencil, a piece of candy, and some information about being new to sixth grade. These are placed in the lockers of our new sixth graders in the fall semester before our orientation we call “Cougar Camp.” I want those finished before the break because I did the lion’s share last year.  Assembly lines work best for large projects.


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