Good Kids

During this past school year, the Good Child gave me a teacher mug that has handprints and is precious to me.  The words read, “Teachers inspire dreams, shape lives, and give us hope for the future.” I use it at least once a week.  The box is in my classroom on the ledge as a reminder when I don’t have my mug with me. She is blossoming into such a beautiful young lady that I hardly recognize the darling freckled face I first met when her brother Mr. Baseball was in the sixth grade.  She will be a knockout one day.  Watch out, guys!!  The Good Child will be cheering again this year along the gridiron sidelines, so I’ll be there to watch her do her thing.   I was talking to my mother about a visit I recently had with this dynamic duo, and she couldn’t believe that Mr. Baseball would be a junior this fall. Neither can I!

Before the school year ended, one of my non-students let me know he was moving.  I was disappointed!  I wanted to see him over the next two years of middle school and monitor his progress and reading since he inspired me to read Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Rome series in a matter of days.  He’s my Birthday Buddy; we have the same birthday, but I’m a little older than he is, obviously.  He reminds me so much of myself and my son in that he reads anything good he gets his hands on.  His mom and I have had some contact, and I told her that if I adopted him, then he wouldn’t have to transfer schools.  She nixed that idea for some odd reason.  Birthday Buddy is also a wonderful baseball player; I’ve seen him play and played against him in the staff vs. students game I put together last month.  I cannot believe it was only four weeks ago that we had our softball game.  Where has the time flown?

When Mr. Baseball heard about the game, he offered to lend me his glove next time since we are both right-handed.  He also offered to officiate.  He had better call the pitches correctly (in the teacher’s favor, of course). I wish I’d thought of it sooner.

It is summer time, and I am missing my babies.  Sigh.  I am a real-life teacher.

Teacher mug from the Good Child

Teacher mug from the Good Child

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