The Important Things

I spent a few hours with my father’s sister and her daughter, my cousin yesterday during the Fourth of July in preparation for a family reunion this weekend. It’s nice to spend time with family and reminds me of the importance of belonging to someone, especially those related by blood. I can listen to the stories and soak up my personal history. I don’t ever get tired of listening to Daddy reminisce about his childhood and growing up with my grandparents. It’s always fun when Auntie and Daddy get together because of their shared exploits. I’ll have to snap a picture over the weekend and add it.

One of my former students added me on Facebook yesterday, and I was thrilled because I’d like to keep up with him. He just graduated from high school in June, so I was glad that he remembered me and wanted to stay in contact. I felt special. The point of this little diatribe is that connection makes us human and keeps us moving forward in the right direction. Connection is one of the most important things about life, and we should relish those moments we have the opportunity to relate to one another. More anon.


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