Professional Development – Day One

Today was spent reviewing district and state-level mandated training during our staff development time. Tomorrow will be district-level meetings with the various disciplines scattered abroad. Our district continues to mushroom in growth, so it is a necessity. It was nice to see my colleagues again after our summer vacation time. I have my classroom tidied up, but I just need to set up my desks for the Kagan initiative we implemented last year. They are matched in height but lack numerical labeling for the students to find their seats. I was fortunate enough to win a t-shirt during one of our fun competitions today. We did a contest called “Hanky Panky.” The object was to empty a full box of tissues with only one hand during 60 seconds. I was second place but a fierce competitor nonetheless. I am still pleased with my performance since this is not a skill I practice on a daily basis. Ha ha ha!

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