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ABCs Continued (The letter D)

Daily Supplies Policy

(Students are to bring the following items each day to class)

  • Mrs. Johnson does not supply writing pens, pencils, paper, or extra books.
  • Students are to check the “Supplies Needed” sign outside my classroom door.
  • Agenda/planner
  • ILA three-ring binder with notebook dividers in place [Warm-up/Class Notes/Novels/Springboard/Graded Work]
  • Black or blue pen
  • Notebook paper in the binder
  • Writing journal (can be single subject spiral or composition book) – brought and left in classroom at beginning of the year
  • Novel of study
  • Library book for independent reading
  • Springboard Workbook
  • Students are to bring incidental supplies to class. (Ruled note cards, pencils, highlighters, map pencils, and/or markers as requested by teacher)

Discipline Log Policy

You will sign the discipline log for the following infractions that include but are not limited to:

  • Cheating of any sort (automatic referral to office)
  • Destruction of property belonging to the school, another student, or Mrs. Johnson
  • Dishonesty
  • Dress code violations (automatic referral to office)
  • Failure to bring supplies to class as required by teacher (once OOPS passes have been exhausted)
  • Gum chewing
  • Inappropriate behavior towards self and/or others
  • Inappropriate language whether spoken or written
  • Insubordination
  • No more “OOPS” pass signature space (automatic log signature)
  • Physical aggression and threats (automatic referral to office)
  • Refusal to sign the log
  • Stealing of any shade, form or fashion
  • Substitute problems (See Substitute policy)
  • Tardy to class  (See Tardy policy)

Discipline Policy

  • You are to be on your best behavior at all times.
  • If you chose to disobey the procedures, then you will receive consequences for your chosen behavior.
  • You will sign the discipline log for infractions committed during a six weeks grading period.  A fresh start will commence at the beginning of the new grading period.
  • We will follow the steps for Clark Middle School discipline in our classroom.

ABCs of My Class

I have created a document that details the procedures of my classroom so that my students and parents know my expectations.  I am sharing letters A-C today.

Absence Policy

You are responsible for checking on missing work! Collect homework from absentee folder before class during morning tutorials.  Talk with Mrs. Johnson about an explanation at that time or before you leave school for the day during afternoon tutorials.

Check the Home Access Center (HAC) for the overview of the week’s plan.

Check homework assignments written on western wall and copy into your planner.

If you are absent for a quiz, project, or test date, your work is due the next school day.  If you miss the review, but are absent for the test or quiz, you still take the test or quiz.

Per handbook policy, you have two school days to get absent work turned in or it will become a zero.

Bathroom Policy

Visit the restroom and/or refill your water bottles before the tardy bell rings at the beginning of class.

In most cases, you will use the passing period to visit the restroom.

No passes for the restroom during the first or last five minutes of class.

Bell Policy

The bell helps Mrs. Johnson to tell the time.

It does not dismiss the students!

Do not pack up early without permission.

Please stay in your seat until Mrs. Johnson dismisses you.

Students will exit by walking out of the classroom in an orderly fashion.

Completion Policy

If you finish your assignment in class before it is due, you may read quietly from your library book or ask permission to use one of Mrs. Johnson’s personal books.

You may study for upcoming tests or quizzes if you have your study notes with you.  You may not leave class to get your study materials.

You may write in your journal.  You may not draw.

You may not talk to or interfere with anyone else during this time.

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Take Care of You!

If you need to get some sleep, take a nap.  If you need to relax, take a soothing bath or go for a walk.  You have twenty-four hours in a day; you have two hands, two feet, one soul, and one heart.  We are not meant to work all of the time.  The LORD God created the Earth, plants, animals, and humans. He rested on the seventh day.  I will never do anything as significant as my LORD; however, I have to work within my sphere of influence and remind us all that we need some down time.  It may be a simple drive to the local Sonic Drive-In during happy hour to buy a soda or slush half-price.  It may be setting the timer and listening to your crazy ska music for fifteen minutes to release some pent-up energy.  It may be that you need to wash your face or update a manicure in front of ESPN Sports Center.  Don’t try during PTI (Pardon The Interruption) or Around the Horn because you’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll mess up. Yes, I speak from personal experience.  One of the best cathartic exercises I indulge in involves NFL Red Zone during the regular season.  I watch every touchdown and field goal they broadcast. I never played football, but I love to watch it. I am still Daddy’s Little Girl who watched the games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  I loved attending the high school games on Friday nights and cheering for my team.  That is my niche and way to unwind.  Find your own path, my friend.  More anon.


First Two Weeks

We have been in school for nine days.  I know the names and faces of each one of my students. I have made a few observations about some of my new young charges in the short time we’ve been together.  Some of my students need a crash course in good manners, classroom protocol, and self-control.  I will give them the opportunity to practice good manners each time I interact with them.  I insist that they say, “Yes, ma’am.” I insist that the room is silent during a quiz or journal writing time.  I insist that they do not touch the items on my desk or computer workstation.  I insist that they ask permission before choosing a book from my library. I insist that they enter my room quietly and ready to work.

My colleagues and I eat lunch together nearly each day; I love the time of fellowship with them. I am the senior member of my team and have the opportunity to learn from them as they employ different strategies for some of our shared clientele.  I happen to have taught for more years than my teammates combined.  Next year, they may outrank me, collectively, but I’ll keep track of the math.  I find it amusing when I think about it.

I came home during the first week and collapsed the first two days because of the sheer amount of energy and adrenaline needed to go through the first day.  We ease them into the schedule then start adding responsibilities such as signature pages of syllabi returned.  This week, we will have school pictures taken.  I have put that information on my classroom blog I maintain.  We’ll see how well they pay attention to the newsletter sent home to the parents in addition to my notifications.  We will be hosting our “Meet the Teacher” night on Thursday.  We were asked to incorporate one new element for the event, so we met together as a team and decided how things would be set up.  We will have to fine-tune our plans in time for our event.  It will take all of us to make it work well.  That’s all for now.

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