First Two Weeks

We have been in school for nine days.  I know the names and faces of each one of my students. I have made a few observations about some of my new young charges in the short time we’ve been together.  Some of my students need a crash course in good manners, classroom protocol, and self-control.  I will give them the opportunity to practice good manners each time I interact with them.  I insist that they say, “Yes, ma’am.” I insist that the room is silent during a quiz or journal writing time.  I insist that they do not touch the items on my desk or computer workstation.  I insist that they ask permission before choosing a book from my library. I insist that they enter my room quietly and ready to work.

My colleagues and I eat lunch together nearly each day; I love the time of fellowship with them. I am the senior member of my team and have the opportunity to learn from them as they employ different strategies for some of our shared clientele.  I happen to have taught for more years than my teammates combined.  Next year, they may outrank me, collectively, but I’ll keep track of the math.  I find it amusing when I think about it.

I came home during the first week and collapsed the first two days because of the sheer amount of energy and adrenaline needed to go through the first day.  We ease them into the schedule then start adding responsibilities such as signature pages of syllabi returned.  This week, we will have school pictures taken.  I have put that information on my classroom blog I maintain.  We’ll see how well they pay attention to the newsletter sent home to the parents in addition to my notifications.  We will be hosting our “Meet the Teacher” night on Thursday.  We were asked to incorporate one new element for the event, so we met together as a team and decided how things would be set up.  We will have to fine-tune our plans in time for our event.  It will take all of us to make it work well.  That’s all for now.

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