Take Care of You!

If you need to get some sleep, take a nap.  If you need to relax, take a soothing bath or go for a walk.  You have twenty-four hours in a day; you have two hands, two feet, one soul, and one heart.  We are not meant to work all of the time.  The LORD God created the Earth, plants, animals, and humans. He rested on the seventh day.  I will never do anything as significant as my LORD; however, I have to work within my sphere of influence and remind us all that we need some down time.  It may be a simple drive to the local Sonic Drive-In during happy hour to buy a soda or slush half-price.  It may be setting the timer and listening to your crazy ska music for fifteen minutes to release some pent-up energy.  It may be that you need to wash your face or update a manicure in front of ESPN Sports Center.  Don’t try during PTI (Pardon The Interruption) or Around the Horn because you’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll mess up. Yes, I speak from personal experience.  One of the best cathartic exercises I indulge in involves NFL Red Zone during the regular season.  I watch every touchdown and field goal they broadcast. I never played football, but I love to watch it. I am still Daddy’s Little Girl who watched the games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  I loved attending the high school games on Friday nights and cheering for my team.  That is my niche and way to unwind.  Find your own path, my friend.  More anon.


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