ABCs of My Class

I have created a document that details the procedures of my classroom so that my students and parents know my expectations.  I am sharing letters A-C today.

Absence Policy

You are responsible for checking on missing work! Collect homework from absentee folder before class during morning tutorials.  Talk with Mrs. Johnson about an explanation at that time or before you leave school for the day during afternoon tutorials.

Check the Home Access Center (HAC) for the overview of the week’s plan.

Check homework assignments written on western wall and copy into your planner.

If you are absent for a quiz, project, or test date, your work is due the next school day.  If you miss the review, but are absent for the test or quiz, you still take the test or quiz.

Per handbook policy, you have two school days to get absent work turned in or it will become a zero.

Bathroom Policy

Visit the restroom and/or refill your water bottles before the tardy bell rings at the beginning of class.

In most cases, you will use the passing period to visit the restroom.

No passes for the restroom during the first or last five minutes of class.

Bell Policy

The bell helps Mrs. Johnson to tell the time.

It does not dismiss the students!

Do not pack up early without permission.

Please stay in your seat until Mrs. Johnson dismisses you.

Students will exit by walking out of the classroom in an orderly fashion.

Completion Policy

If you finish your assignment in class before it is due, you may read quietly from your library book or ask permission to use one of Mrs. Johnson’s personal books.

You may study for upcoming tests or quizzes if you have your study notes with you.  You may not leave class to get your study materials.

You may write in your journal.  You may not draw.

You may not talk to or interfere with anyone else during this time.

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