ABCs of Mrs. J’s Classroom (E-H)


  • I handle each emergency on a case-by-case basis.
  • Raise your hand to get my attention.
  • Please tell me the nature of your emergency.  I cannot evaluate a problem if you do not let me know what is happening.

Grade Policy

  • Mrs. Johnson posts your grades to Home Access Center (HAC) at least once per week.
  • Mrs. Johnson grades and returns papers in a timely manner.
  • During class is not the appropriate time to discuss a grade.
  • Please speak to me after class ends or after school.
  • Major grades are fifty percent, minor grades are thirty percent, and daily grades are twenty percent in the grading system.

Homework Policy

  •  You will have homework at least twice a week for my class.
  • Your homework is due the next class day in most cases.
  • Failure to turn in your homework and/or have it in class will result in a late grade.
  • Check the homework folder when you are absent so that you can keep up with your studies.
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