ABCs of Mrs. J’s Classroom (M-R)

Mandatory Tutoring Policy

  • If you receive a notice about mandatory tutoring for my class, you must attend each session until the end of the grading period or teacher dismissal.
  • Be here at 7:55 A.M. on your assigned morning, or it will become a C-hall.


Novels Policy

  • Pre -AP students are expected to have a copy of the novels we read during the school year.
  • It is recommended that on-level students have a personal copy for annotation.


Papers Policy

  •  Papers must follow heading guidelines given by Mrs. Johnson.
  • Writing must be original.
  • Essays will be either typed or handwritten for final copies.
  • Final copies are printed before due date.  Use the computer integration lab or the library computer lab to print.  There are no eleventh-hour jump drive rescues.


Personal Emergency Policy

  • I handle each emergency on a case-by-case basis.
  • Raise your hand to get my attention.
  • Please tell me the nature of your emergency.  I cannot evaluate a problem if you do not let me know what is happening.

Retake Policy

  • If you score below eighty-five percent on a major test, you are eligible for a retake.
  • Attend correction tutorial for retake test.  Have your original test signed by your parent.
  • Attend retake tutorial with Mrs. Johnson or another ILA teacher if Mrs. Johnson is unavailable due to duty assignment, illness, or a prior appointment.
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