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Thanksgiving Post

I am thankful for my students who make me laugh, feel young, and make my day.  I am thankful for the ones who are shaping me into a more patient person.  I am thankful for the ones who unabashedly love me in spite of myself some days. I am thankful for bright eyes, smiles, attempted and actual hugs, and the notes I find in my collection for blue days.  I am grateful for invitations to watch games, concerts, and plays.  I am grateful for visits by former students who have a knack of reminding me that my life has not been lived in vain.  Oh, I love my babies even if they didn’t grow under my heart.  I truly hate saying “Good bye” to some of them.  They become a part of me.  I have taught over 1000 students in my career and add to that number a few more each year. I am blessed and content with my calling as a teacher.  ¡Ciao!

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Just Hanging On

There are times when the wear and tear upon my mind and body becomes too great. I find myself just hanging on. Today is not one of those days, but the tendency is apparent with some of my clientele.  They eagerly anticipate Friday’s arrival and the beginning of a nine-day holiday from school responsibilities.  Some will actually want to scream with glee as they exit the building.  It’s time for Mr. Whistle to appear.  A quick tweet will settle down the screamers; peace will be restored; everyone leaves in a joyous frame of mind.  The only hitch in the plan is that I need to buy Mr. Whistle today or tomorrow to be prepared.

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