I have warned my students that I must have coffee in the morning, or it will not go well for them.  They believe me.  Before I married, my students would see me in the morning and look at the level of coffee in the mug.  When it was level, they avoided eye contact.  When it was obvious that I had sipped some of the elixir of life aka java aka coffee, then they knew a coherent, friendlier response was forthcoming.  It was so bad one morning that a student said, “Hi, Miss Burnham.”  I held up my hand palm facing the student.  We walked past one another.  He said, “Bye, Miss Burnham.”  I simply turned my palm to face him.  He learned quickly.  It is tradition for me to warn my first class of the day that they DO NOT want to see me without my morning brew.  I make it at home and bring my java in a travel mug.  Sometimes I have to warm it up, but that’s okay.  They have learned what I like:  Starbucks Caffe Mocha soy with no whip extra hot.  This earns them another day of life and a good mark in my tally book of transgressions.  They were warned.  This picture says it all. More anon.

Coffee Rules the World

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