He Did What?!

Today, and I kid you not, I saw a student leaning his head forward his mouth (and perhaps tongue!) on the door and door frame of my classroom. He was the first in line to enter my classroom for the class period. I walked up to him and said,”You’re being disgusting. Get out.” This translated to him going to the office (short-term removal) for inappropriate behavior.  My other students waiting for me saw me disinfect my door way where Mr. Lips had been.  I’ve even seen him chewing on his hoodie string with gusto.  I really didn’t know what to say since I’ve never seen that before in my nineteen years of teaching. Students aren’t allowed to touch cleaning products that could be potentially harmful, so he wasn’t going to clean that mess off for me today.

I have a former colleague who didn’t like to see kids sliding along the lockers.  It was as though they were trying to blend in with the scenery; however, they were the only ones in the hallway.  It makes sense to compact yourself in a huge group.  When you are by yourself, wall-sliding isn’t safe.  I fear sneeze and/or cough residue.  There could also be restroom residue because not everyone washes her hands after leaving the restroom.  Gross!


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