I have a couple of students who could fail my class for the year.  One is capable but behaves more like a black hole.  The papers go in and disappear into the abyss. Some assignments that I give her never see the light of day again.  When I have spoken to her about it, her eyes glaze over and she gives me the “you’re wasting your breath” look. She passed our state’s reading assessment with no problems, so it’s not a matter of intellect. It is a matter of accountability. The other student I fear will fail my class has scraped by each marking period, but in this last one, he has not put in the effort to complete his work for the maximum credit. He is mere hundredths of a point from passing for year. I have contacted both parents about this before and now at the end of the year, so no surprises happen when report card grades are posted. We are now required to keep up with our failure rates  for each six weeks grading period.  If the rate is too high, then we will have to let our PDAS (Professional Development and Appraisal System) appraiser know. If my students don’t put in the effort to get their work done, then how is it my fault? If they don’t come in for help, or if their parents don’t force them to complete the work, then how is it that I am accountable? I am.

My the times are changing. . .

My the times are changing. . .


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