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Training Time Update

I cruised through the bulk of my summer professional development courses including training as an Unlicensed Diabetic Care Assistant (UDCA) with stellar marks on the quizzes required.  Imagine my shock and dismay when I had to wade through the legal jargon that encased the assessment for the Section 504 refresher. This quiz was bothersome in that once I submitted my answers, they simply graded the quiz and did not indicate which ones were wrong. One had to make an 80 percent to be proficient. I was glad to benefit from multiple attempts to achieve this mark because it was late in the evening, and I was tired, frustrated, and determined. So far, my time now numbers around sixteen hours spent as of this writing. Twelve more await me, at a minimum.

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Time for Me

Usually the summer months find me dreaming, plotting, and planning about what will happen in the fall.  Will I get my room organized finally? Will the students respond to me and my no-nonsense brand of love? Will I be fit when I return to the classroom? How am I going to integrate the new policies, procedures, and/or curriculum directives? Have I completed my annual compliance trainings? Have I completed my annual requirement of staff development hours? On it goes to the point I work on my blog for my students, write up lesson ideas, and fret.  Even a veteran teacher entering her twentieth year frets like a new hire.  There is something to do all year ’round.

This year is different.  I have completed the bulk of my summer staff development and have already updated my student/parent blog’s information page. I am keeping track of every single second I spend on school just to keep myself accountable and to determine exactly how much time is spent on work when I am given the gift of vacation time.  I will announce the final totals in another post, but so far I’ve logged in over twelve hours of personal time. Too many times I have lamented the loss of summer vacation. This year, I really wanted some time for me. More anon.

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