Time for Me

Usually the summer months find me dreaming, plotting, and planning about what will happen in the fall.  Will I get my room organized finally? Will the students respond to me and my no-nonsense brand of love? Will I be fit when I return to the classroom? How am I going to integrate the new policies, procedures, and/or curriculum directives? Have I completed my annual compliance trainings? Have I completed my annual requirement of staff development hours? On it goes to the point I work on my blog for my students, write up lesson ideas, and fret.  Even a veteran teacher entering her twentieth year frets like a new hire.  There is something to do all year ’round.

This year is different.  I have completed the bulk of my summer staff development and have already updated my student/parent blog’s information page. I am keeping track of every single second I spend on school just to keep myself accountable and to determine exactly how much time is spent on work when I am given the gift of vacation time.  I will announce the final totals in another post, but so far I’ve logged in over twelve hours of personal time. Too many times I have lamented the loss of summer vacation. This year, I really wanted some time for me. More anon.

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