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An Open Letter to Students – Video Clip You Should Share. . .

I found this while spending some time on Pinterest this morning.  This is an excellent reminder for young people who are lackadaisical about returning to homework, classes, and activities related to school.  The gentleman in the video creates fabulous history overviews that my young historian adores.  Enjoy.


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More Décor for My Classroom

I set up the desks in my classroom, logged into the computer, threw out some trash, and set aside some items for future lamination.  Here are both of my masterpieces I completed this evening. Credit for the art goes to Doodle Art Alley.  The coloring is my own using map pencils (aka colored pencils).

By Failing to Prepare Feed My Sheep - Colored




Pins a Plenty, Pins Galore!

I have spent several hours this weekend looking at ideas for my classroom on Pinterest.  Several ideas have been found on a site that other teachers use called Teachers Pay Teachers.  I don’t want to pay too much because my budget won’t stretch that far.  Too often I see cute decorations on display at this time of year. I have some of the same backdrops as last year and see no need to rip them down and replace them “just because.” I haven’t any problem replacing the paper on my bulletin board. I wonder what my theme will be on my bulletin board this year? We’ll see.  You’ll see below two signs I colored in today and will laminate and display in my classroom.  More anon.Mistakes are Proof That You are Trying
Learning is Not a Spectator Sport