Another Minion or Two

I have a student in my morning class who has picked up on my strange tales of an evil dog in my neighborhood whose name is Bane.  The legendary Bane is large in stature, black in color, ugly by nature, and of an undetermined breed.  Bane loathes anyone who nears his fence and lusts for their blood.  Apparently my imagination has created such a fascinating creature that one young man–Mr. Quick Wit–wondered if the story we read in class today was somehow demonstrating my twisted past with Bane. I laughed aloud in class and chalked him up as an early-year favorite.  I find myself laughing as I listen to him read his journal entries out loud because he has a wicked sense of humor.

The Alien Huntress is a young lady in my afternoon who took great delight in asking about aliens last week.  I announced that attending “Meet the Teacher” with their parents was my students’ homework. My bright-eyed girl asked, “What if aliens attack, and you can’t attend?”

I responded, “Make them come to ‘Meet the Teacher’ night even if you’re in their bellies.” Since then, her writings ring of dread alien lords bent on destruction of Planet Earth. I told her today that she was something else to already get my humor in the fourth week of school and commented that she too must be twisted.  The LORD always gives me some of the most intriguing personalities to teach each year. I wonder who I will meet in the coming days.

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