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Christmas Time is Here

We were listening to that song while chatting, and it seemed an appropriate title.  I am so glad to have time away from grades, deadlines, and truthfully speaking drama.  Some of my students seem to attract drama with their personalities and/or actions. When spring comes in a few months, the romantic notions take root, and we’re off to the dating races.  In the meanwhile, I will enjoy a cup of coffee without rushing out the door holding my breakfast bar or smoothie in my hands. My son can enjoy breakfast with his grandparents each morning that we are with them, and I can read a book or two to increase my tally for the year.

Christmas truly is about the birth of Jesus Christ the Messiah. We pause during the candlelit services singing “Silent Night” a cappella in reverence.  This only serves to remind us of our service to our young charges. It reminds me to read their letters to me about plans for the holidays–real or imagined.  They enjoy sharing their thoughts and dreams; I relish seeing a little more into who they are as individuals.  It makes me miss them a little less over the holiday break.  I know that makes me hopelessly devoted, but I cannot be anything other than who I am.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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