Answering Questions

Student:  Why did you give me an “F?”

Teacher:  I couldn’t give you a “G.” I saw this written as a joke years ago and never found it, but I just had to share.


One day a student decided that making a wisecrack was the appropriate means of responding to me. I answered, “A smart mouth does not make a smart man.”


Last week I gave specific directions about an assignment.  The student looked into my face, smiled and asked me, “What were the directions again?” I silently stared at him for a few seconds.

“What did I say to do?” He repeated them word for word. “Then do what I said.” He left the room.

Desk Rage Flip - Teacher and Student


“What’s the homework assignment?” a student asks.  Never mind the fact that I request that they write their assignments in their daily planners.  It’s too much work.

I point to my whiteboard. “What’s written on the board?” I respond.  She leaves.


Sometimes the best response is a silent look. It’s not “the look” that impales the recalcitrant with fear, but we’ll call it “the look’s” little sister, just for kicks.


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