More Schtick!

In connection with a novel we read in my Pre-AP language arts class, we danced in class.  Yes, after we finished Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl, we did the dance “The Bunny Hop” using the 90-second Disney version. My morning class jumped up and joined me; my afternoon class didn’t. I was surprised to hop by myself but kept on doing it. I relate more to that heroine on some days than I do to others, and I am a Jane Austen devotee.

One of my darlings this year is a student who I don’t teach. I see him in the clinic when I pick up my lunch, and he lets me know if I have something good to eat or not.  We saw one another in the hallway before class two days ago, and I said hello. He stopped and said, “Hey, Mrs. J!” and waved his hand to say “C’mon!” We did a “jump bump” like they do in the professional games, but ours connected the sides and arms.  It looked like the 1970s dance craze “the bump,” but it was in the air. I know, I know.  I was laughing so hard because not just anyone can get me to jump around like that. I haven’t picked a nickname for him yet, but I will let you know. And wouldn’t you know it, he plays baseball?

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