My husband and I went to our son’s jazz band concert at a local park. Middle school students were all over the place because their campuses feed the high school my son attends. Some of them were my students, current and former ones, who said hello when they spotted me underneath my smile-covered umbrella. I spoke to others, and they came over to say hello and meet my husband.  I saw and spoke to a couple of parents about their wonderful young people. I even admitted that one of them is a favorite and swore her to secrecy.  I’ll call him Mr. Bucket since he claims he makes buckets when playing basketball.  He makes me smile whenever I see him in class. He makes my day.

I cannot count the number of hugs I received tonight, nor will I try to measure the amount of love poured out into my soul. One mom teared up and told me I was a blessing to her and her kids.  I admonished her to not cry because I have to survive the next few days with my kids.  When we returned home, my husband reminded me that no matter how many times I grumble about the trolls, there are kids who l-o-v-e me and will hug me without being prompted to do so. They simply love me. LORD, I am undone. Thank You, for reminding me of Your love through the arms of these young people. I love them so much, and the ones who I currently have under my care will be sorely missed. Would you believe some dust just blew into my eyes and made them water like mad? That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


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