Last Night Before the Last Day

Tomorrow marks the completion of my twentieth year on the other side of the desk. How much has education changed since I began? Many students don’t know who the Beatles are, and I don’t know who’s in One Direction. Some former students who are graduating from high school this weekend stopped by to visit and get a hug. We were all crying by the end of our visit with one another. There has to be a way to stop time just a little. Let me savor each moment just a bit more; let me wring every drop of love out of each moment of my life and soak it in. One young man told me that I kept him from getting into trouble because I intervened six years ago. I don’t remember doing that, but it sounds like something I would do. I was humbled and stood with my hand over my mouth in shock at my own audacity. I must have some nerve in me somewhere. I have no opinion whatsoever of wrongdoers and will haul them straight to the front office for an administrator’s attention if need be. In my vulnerable moments I wonder if I go too far. I wonder if I make a difference for the child who needs tough love. On that day, I did.



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