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What Can I Say?

At times, a person encounters crazy circumstances in the lives of students and/or colleagues. What does one say? One listens intently and attentively without offering too much advice or cliché statements. Heart-rending stuff happens more than is publicly known. At these times, there are neither words sufficient nor sage enough to plumb the depths.



I Am a Teacher


I bought this t-shirt today at Mardel’s. I had made a pact with myself to stay out of teacher mode until next week when I attend workshops three days in a row. My son’s “I Am Second” band had broken; being a good Mamá, I purchased a new one but saw some fuschia-colored tiger pattern border for my bulletin board in the bargain rack. Score!

The last week of July heralds the end of summer when a band student resides in the household. Marching camp commences in earnest. This marks my son’s fourth and final year of high school band camp. Bittersweet is the recurrent theme for this school year before it even draws the breath of life. More anon.


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