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One – 1, RLT – 0

After making a violent outburst because I wouldn’t let him have his way, I escorted Manchild to the alternative placement classroom on my campus. I saw him walking by my room later in a mocking manner talking to a like-minded companion. I cannot fix him and his past, and I am trying to work with him in the present. I want to separate one day’s actions from the rest so that I can focus on the here and now and not try to predict the future. I’ll touch base with his previous teachers for insight.



There’s Always One

The majority of my students have a sweet spirit. I have one who I will call Manchild, and he is different. He longs to escape from my classroom for any and every reason he can. I truly believe he wants me to throw him out and give up on him as he feels that everyone else has. In his mind, if I don’t act correctly, she’ll kick me out. She’ll kick me out because she doesn’t like me. She doesn’t like me just like everyone else doesn’t like me. Well, if everyone else doesn’t like me, who cares?

“I’ve been dresscoded. Can I go change?” “Not right now.” I emailed anyone who might know about this, and he had lied to me about being asked to change because he was out of dress code.

“Can I use my inhaler?”  “No, but you can walk with me to the clinic.” We proceed, and it’s not on file for him to use an inhaler at school. I am horrified.

“Can I go to my locker to get my shoes?” “No.” He puts his head down, refuses to acknowledge my existence or queries, and won’t work on his assignment for twenty minutes. I emailed his mother and talked to my assistant principal. I will try to talk to one of his former teachers privately to get some insight. I hadn’t done this before to prevent my judgment from being predetermined. He is my so far unsolvable riddle this year.


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A Different Spirit

This year marks my twenty-first on the other side of the desk. This year has a different spirit about it. The students are still learning to heed directions the first time as they settle in to the routine. My stress level is not elevated. My schedule usually allows me to break my instruction into manageable chunks. There are times when I find myself running out of time or having too few tasks to complete. I allow them time to read their books and enjoy the written word. Today, I had three students stay after school in tutorials to work on their assignments. All three had forgotten to check in with their parents in sufficient time to prevent a little maternal worry. Sigh. They will know next time. Their determination impressed me.