Monthly Archives: November 2015

Restoration Time

I view my vacation time as sacred and necessary to keep moving forward through the school year. We have this entire week off to give thanks with our family. I have been napping, eating, and spending time talking with family members. It has been perfect and just what the doctor ordered.



Looking to the Side

Years ago a wise pastor counseled his congregation about marriage. He said to take note of those who were running along side in the same direction. Perhaps a connection would blossom in that fashion.

As another month shows its face on the calendar, I am looking to the side as I am running along through the school year. I should say I think I am moving forward. I feel I am reacting far too often. If a student fails, I react with test corrections, retakes, and introspection. I feel responsible because a child hasn’t passed my course for the marking period. Some have legitimate learning problems. Some have learned to just get by on minimal power required. Fighting against students’ inertia drains my energy.¬†When fatigue settles in around 7:00 P.M. each evening, I sigh, wash my face, and collapse into bed. Some nights I fall asleep in exhaustion only to joltingly awaken around midnight. Is it November already? How many days until Thanksgiving break? Too many! My colleagues faces still show the joy of being teachers; however, we could all use a little respite from the persistent problems and dramas. Twelve school days remain, but who’s counting?


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