Sweetie Runs Away

A student I have recently christened Sweetie brought his homework to the library during check out time. I found his work and picked it up. I was seated with a different student I’ll call my back-up and waited for Sweetie to discover the “theft.” Soon enough, he glanced my direction just as I slid the papers to the side of the table. I invited him to come and sit with me and my little enforcer.

“Why would your assignment need to come to the library?” No response was forthcoming but a charming smile. Bingo!

“I brought it to work on it.” My enforcer began to chuckle silently covering the smile with his hand as he attempted to read his book.

“Look around you. What do you see?” By this time, the tables held students engaged in the joyful pastime of reading silently.

“People reading.”

“Right! Now, why on earth would you need to bring this?” I waved the papers in my right hand and moved the pencil out of his range with my left. I turned to my enforcer and commented, “We’re both curious. Why would you bring your vocabulary if you knew we would be in the library checking out books? By the way, Enforcer (name withheld), don’t way the magic word that keeps me in check.” Sweetie looked at me but had no response other than the return of that engaging grin.

Sweetie’s science teacher happened by the library as we prepared to depart and saw some of our interaction and mentioned it to him. As we left the library, I felt the need to have a one-inch conversation with Sweetie. I draped my arm around his shoulders and whispered in his left ear. He scooted back to class in record time, so it must have been something I said. Hmm.



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