Guilt-Free Sundays

It is Mother’s Day. My husband and son went with me to church and then took me out to lunch at one of my favorite places. We came home and got changed into our comfortable gear. I sat in the recliner with a book and three pieces of chocolate candy. They went to the computer room/office. I did not see them for the next three hours because I took a nap. A paralysis nap. A nap that makes the sleeper feel groggy upon reluctant awakening. It was just what I needed. With the work that I do expending mental and physical energy on others’ children, my own child and beloved spouse allowed me the opportunity to just be by sleeping.

They let me rest each Sunday when I collapse into my bed. They do not bother me with phone calls or emails that can wait. They let me rest. This precious restorative time heals any anxieties from missed sleep on week nights. I believe my Sunday naps keep me going on the four or five-hour sleep nights that pepper the latter part of the work week. I feel no guilt any more. I have to rest sometime, or my body will get run down and make me ill. No thanks. I will curl up like a kitten, and I will sleep.



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