Monthly Archives: August 2016

Empty Nester Teacher

For the first time since 1997, I will not have my son here to discuss my day at school. He was born in 1998, but he heard me when I was pregnant with him. When I went back to the classroom in 2004, he was in first grade. Gack!! Now he is out west in Lubbock at Texas Tech. My husband and I took him to school today, and I have been crying off and on all day long. I will not walk into his room right now. I already know I will collapse in grief. I was blessed to have him as my son and student. I am anxious to see what the LORD has in store for my beautiful boy. I could not help quoting John Lennon there.



Inservice Begins

We began inservice today. These bulletin boards are the end result of my work preparing for Cougar Camp. We had our orientation for new sixth graders. One of my former students LOVED seeing one of the languages he speaks displayed on my welcome board. I am content but tired at this point in the year. To celebrate, I bought myself a Quik Trip freezoni. Delicious!


Nearing the End

I did a little bit of detail work in my classroom with my name on the door and cutting out letters for my bulletin board. It was time consuming, but I felt accomplished. I have one more final touch to add to the bulletin board before it is finally finished. Here is a picture of the door sign. More to come next week.


Day Two of Room Preparation

I spent several hours cleaning, organizing, and decorating my new room. I am pleasantly tired as I put my feet up to rest at the day’s end.


The Work Begins

I went up to my school and began the overwhelming but exciting process of decorating my new classroom. I feel as giddy as a first year teacher with her first room. I look at pieces to display and measure them to make sure everything works according to my “artistic vision.” I posted some pictures of the early efforts. Now I can rest to restore my batteries before heading in again tomorrow.