Crush Time

Get those recommendations completed. Yesterday. Schedule that parent conference. Grade the papers. Update the gradebook. Answer the phone. Don’t sit down in the interesting class. Circulate. Circulate. Circulate. Grab a drink of ice cold coffee. Wince a bit, but keep moving forward. Write that email. Or two. Or more. Be in your duty spot. On time today, thank you. Slip off shoes behind the desk. Remember the copies you needed. Slip shoes on again. Navigate the mass of humanity in the hallways. Make them walk. Make them turn around again and walk. From the corner to where I am standing. Shut the locker. Pick up a perfectly good pencil. Notice you have 60 seconds to visit the bathroom before your long stretch of your day comes. Break up a fight. Pick up the fight’s loser’s broken glasses. Snatch a wad of Kleenex from another teacher’s room. Stop his nosebleed. Take the combatants to the office. Walk into your class late. Remind them you are in charge. Don’t sneeze or laugh, or your body will embarrass you. Regret that third cup of coffee. Take a deep breath. Answer questions. Talk until hoarse feeling appears. Teach. Teach. Teach. Conduct after school tutorials. Visit the bathroom. Head to the copier in your house shoes. Round up miscreants who loiter in front of the school. Make them come to your room to work. Feed them a snack to keep their blood sugar up. Drink your hot tea. Grade papers. Contact parents about missing work. Text your spouse about another late night. Curse the copier’s recalcitrance to work at 6:16 P.M. Stub your toe on the way out. Recoil in fear as an angry driver cuts you off in traffic. Hold your tongue in the speedy checkout lane. Smile when the student who refused to work waves at you in Mama’s presence. Remind yourself to visit another grocery store. Remember you left your badge at work. Drive back. Wait for custodian friends to let you in. Grab stack of papers that need to be graded before progress reports. See those forms for feedback on students with learning disabilities (SpEd/Section 504) sitting on your desk. Take a breath. Grab them and put them into your bag. Go home. Collapse. Get up. Repeat the next day.



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