A Wee Bit of Advice

This is the text of an email I sent to my students a couple of weeks ago. I need to make a poster or something that will stick to their minds permanently.
The fifth marking period begins Monday, February 25. Students, make sure you do the following:
1. Write your homework in your planner.
2. Complete your homework and turn it in on time.
3. Have a quiet place to study for tests/quizzes/completing HW.
4. Come in to tutorials for questions or a quiet place to work.
5. Clean your room. Pick up your laundry from the floor.
6. Take advantage of retakes when you need to do better on a test.
7. Remember to be kind, and do good.
Why did I write this informational list? I still have students who don’t write down homework assignments or want to email me the night before a test to ask me what they need to study. At that point, I don’t feel particularly polite, but I can write cordially like the best of them. My face probably looks like I’ve eaten or smelled something foul. They email to ask what is due the next day. Was that assignment we worked on homework? When is it due? Generally speaking, I don’t email back until the next day when I deem a question unworthy of answering at that time of day. At this point, I know who the jokers are. I wait until I arrive at school the next morning and then respond. I only use the student’s school-related email and carbon-copy their parent(s). No one can say my tone or text is improper. And they can’t hear my grumbling in my brain, either.

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